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by anyone involved in handball

  • Do not bet on handball, either directly or through a friend
  • Never fix a match, even by influencing a secondary phase of the game
  • Do not accept gifts, money or invitations from unknown or suspicious persons and do not listen to their promises
  • Never offer information about yourself, another player or club that is not already public knowledge that could be used for sports betting
  • If you are approached to fix a match, have suspicions or have any questions on sensitive information, do not keep it to yourself. Talk to someone you trust





There are two ways to place bets:

  • online (using the internet)
  • or "in cash" (at a bookmakers)

Some countries simply forbid sports betting on their territory (India and USA excl. Nevada). However, most countries, like France, allow both forms of betting. Most often, when authorized and regulated, online betting is offered through a licensing system and cash betting through a state-run company which holds a monopoly over the market (e.g. Française des Jeux). France is equipped with legislation on gambling and online gambling, which regulates online sports betting (Act of May 2010).


Two main forms of betting exist in France:

  • Totalizator / Pari-Mutual betting: bets are pooled and shared equally between the winners. The bettor does not know in advance how much he can win.
  • Odds betting: an operator offers predefined odds on bets, which represents the probability of an event happening which allows the bettor to know in advance the amount they are likely to win if the bet is correct.


  • €1000 billion: the total amount bet on sports worldwide in 2015, which almost equals the GDP of South Korea. This figure is an estimate; some believe it to be more in the range of €500 billion.
  • €22 billion: the estimated gross product of global betting in 2015, which is the combined turnover of all sports betting operators. This figure has more than tripled over the last 15 years. However, while sports betting attracts such large sums of money, turnover for operators is relatively low compared to other sectors. In other words, sports betting operators pull in as much money as large multinational companies but without seeing such large profit margins.
  • 5%: the share of sports betting in the global market of gambling and games of chance (casino, poker, horse racing).
  • 85%: the global market share (calculated on the amount bet) held by illegal sports betting.
  • 45%: the number of cases of match-fixing in tennis related to sports betting. Closely followed by football (40%) and then cricket and snooker (2%). This is according to the English authority on the regulation of gambling (Gambling Commission).


  • €1440 million: the amount of bets placed on websites of authorized online betting operators according to ARJEL. This figure is up 30% from 2014. During Q4, bets reached an incredible €452 million. The largest amount in any quarter since the opening of the online gambling market in 2010. 62%: the share, when combining all bets made on sports, of bets placed on football competitions from licensed operators in France. Handball has about 1% of bets placed with these operators.
  • 87%: the share of bets placed on three sports: football, tennis and basketball.
  • €19.8 million: the amount of bets placed on the Rugby World Cup 2015 from operators authorized by ARJEL.
  • €16.1 million: the amount of bets placed on handball competitions from licensed operators. € 5.5 million of which was bet on the Men´s World championships and € 2.2 million on the Women's World championships. This represents just over 1% of the total amount of bets, in all disciplines.
  • €2.9 million: the amount gained from « betting rights » in France (estimated ARJEL). The right to bet is the sum donated by authorized operators to French competition organizers. This represents about 1% of the amount of bets placed on the websites of the operators and on the competitions held in France. For handball (FFHB + NHL), the amount taken from FDJ's points of sale reached approximately € 110,000.